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These projects may be listed in the WCF portfolio, or they may be suggested by a specific donor.

We are specifically looking for help in the following areas:

Fund Raising Opportunities — Offer your support by contacting charitable trusts and philanthropists in an effort to raise funds. Help organize fundraising events. Help search for existing government funding opportunities and other fundraising sources.

Administrative Responsibilities — We need experienced volunteers who can manage a scholarship program, perform community development assessments, assist with community leadership development, direct health awareness campaigns, mobilize resources for community-led initiatives, manage building projects, source strategic service partners, and provide social responsibility education.

Water Development — Help support safe drinking water in communities by drilling boreholes, tapping springs, and constructing wells. Other environmental development needs include improving farming methods, animal husbandry, wine tapping practices, and environmental protection.


If you have experience in any of the abovementioned areas and have the desire to volunteer, we want to hear from you.



WCF warmly welcomes volunteers in the USA and in Cameroon, Africa to help in the implementation of community efforts such as:

Providing administrative support | Directing fundraising efforts | Trips to Cameroon and sub Saharan African countries.

Regardless of your interests or strengths, please email us the following information to get on the path to your volunteer service:

  1. Full name

  2. Contact number

  3. Availability (when and for how long)

  4. Description of relevant skills

  5. How you think you can help

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